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GT Invest – Creating value today and in the future with other entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you want to ensure that what you built has a great future. Our partner GT Invest invests in your enterprise, so you can secure part of your capital today. Together with the GT Invest team, you will continue to expand your company and guide it into the future brimming with confidence.


GT Invest not only provides input on the long-term strategy for your company, but also on how to realise it.


GT Invest goes beyond the transactional aspects and takes an active part in the sustainable growth of successful local enterprises.

GT Invest has a sound financial foundation and extensive experience in the transaction world. This combination of investing and active entrepreneurship leads to an innovative model and guarantees the creation of value in the short and long term for all parties involved. GT Invest offers a complete solution for the needs of entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing world.

GT Invest invests in Flemish enterprises with an EBITDA between 0.5M and 5.0M EUR in various sectors.

We kindly invite entrepreneurs to contact us and explore how our partner GT Invest can also create value for you as an entrepreneur! All with proper discretion, of course.

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