Who are we?

Groep Caenen Capital Fund is a bond fund founded in 2014 with the main purpose of investing in land sold with building rights (“recht van opstal”) to creditworthy contractors or project developers. In addition, Groep Caenen Capital Fund also invests in hotel real estate, leased real estate (logistics, offices and retail) and, as of recently, in private equity.

To further expand our extensive portfolio, Groep Caenen Capital Fund is always on the lookout for opportunities in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a strong preference for the main Flemish urban centres and the major cities of the Netherlands, including The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

We seek to spread risk as optimally as possible by only working with creditworthy partners and by maintaining a diversified real estate portfolio at all times.

At the moment, we have 189,000,000 euro available to purchase land with building rights.



Graphic overview of our activities:



Groep Caenen Capital Fund NV organisational chart